The How and Why of Speeding Up Your Social Media Response

Modern consumers have changed a lot since the discovery of the Internet. The availability of a lot of information online made them more connected, more educated, more informed, smart, and socially responsible. According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, a great marketing strategy is to consistently interact with the consumers. This is to gain new customers and retain the existing ones. 

A social media agency Hong Kong, social media has become the best way to connect with your customers in real time. By interacting with them and responding to their queries, brands and businesses can discover what they are feeling, saying, and thinking about them in just a matter of seconds. Around 80% of consumers expect to get a response to their social media comments and messages within 24 hours. Below, let us tackle the how and why of speeding up your social media response.


It’s a no-brainer. Nobody wants to be purposely ignored. Imagine yourself going to a store. You’ve seen a new model of your favorite sneaker brand. You are very much excited and willing to buy it, but you have just one last question. You go to the front desk and ask your query. But you’ve got no response. You have then waited for hours and even days to get an answer, so it made you frustrated. This is exactly how consumers in social media feel when they get a delayed or no response from their comments and messages. 

Social media is a platform to foster connections and build communities. As such, taking a traditional approach in broadcasting your messages to the public may not work well to grow a brand or business on social media. Under this old-fashioned approach, most brands do not reply at all or struggle to reply in a timely manner. Such negligence leads to loss of business and customers. Around 39% of social media consumers will no longer engage with a brand or business that has a delayed reply or never replied to them. Neglecting to respond timely to an angry customer is pivotal for them to stick to your brand or not. 

Speeding up your social media response makes you more competitive. There are 44% of social media consumers who distinguish a brand or business from its peers through their response rate. If you never reply fast enough to customer queries, competitors are just a DM or tweet away. If you reply timely to their queries, you can most likely close a sale, increase revenue, and promote brand loyalty.


More than 39% of social media consumers expect a response from their comments and messages within 1 hour or 60 minutes, while the average social media response rate among brands today is 5 hours. So, how do brands and businesses bridge the gap? Here are some tips on how to speed up your social media responses.

Automate Your Inbox

Automating your inbox in social media means gathering conversations on your social media pages all in one unified inbox. As such, it helps brands and businesses manage their messages faster. An automated inbox features tools such as auto-replies, comments filtering, spam combatting, etc. You can also assign conversations automatically to the right members of your team to handle them. Through an automated inbox, brands and businesses can also use saved replies such as business locations, pricing information, product specifications, etc. But for complex user queries, a personalized response is needed. So, there is still a need to balance quantity over quality. There are also times when the customer may need to know that help is on the way. This is to let them know that you never ignore them. An email or message auto-responder may also help. This may seem to be old technology. But it sets proper expectations among customers. 

Classify and Organize Incoming Messages

Classifying and organizing your incoming messages can also help speed up your social media response time. Through the use of subject or topic tags, brands and businesses can filter messages easily and forward them to the concerned team. For example, you can label sales inquiries as a priority list. While you can label shipping-related messages to forward them to your logistic team for faster transactions. Brands and businesses should create a triage system to label messages according to different levels of priorities and tags. As such, designated teams can efficiently and quickly respond to them. 

Use a Social Media Dashboard

The best way to speed up your social media response is by using a social media dashboard. It is a piece of software that allows brands and businesses to manage their social media presence across multiple channels using a single interface. A social media dashboard is like customer service software. It stores every single communication and interaction that a brand or business has with the customers. As such, an admin can look back to better understand the customers. Using a unified social media dashboard helps you respond to comments, mentions, questions, and reviews in one place. It saves you time from logging in and out to different sites. 


According to modern consumers, the most important attribute of a great business in social media is their fast response time. Thus, brands and businesses should speed them up to make their customers happy. Always remember that your customers are your source of revenue!