How to Use YouTube Shorts to Boost Channel Performance

Recently, short-form videos have become a vital element of marketing strategies. In 2021, a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong noted that 86% of brands and businesses used video marketing on social media. A social media agency Hong Kong highlights that they have outperformed all other content formats. That is why a video marketing agency Hong Kong reveals the rising popularity of YouTube Shorts to boost channel performance. 


YouTube Shorts are 60-second or less vertical videos. They can be created and directly uploaded to YouTube via smartphones. After its launch in September 2020, YouTube Shorts have already surpassed 6.5 billion daily views. They are a new way to express an emotion or idea using catchy and engaging short clips. They can convert viewers into channel subscribers. That is why they are a must-do for YouTube brands and creators today.

The Shorts functionality appears either on the YouTube channel page or the homepage. By clicking the plus (+) icon, users can opt to “Create a Short.” The Shorts camera allows users to:

  • Add a background, effects, elements, filters, green screen, or photos
  • Add an audio track before or after recording a clip
  • Align transitions in between clips via a ghost icon
  • Retouch the video via a magic wand
  • Rotate or switch camera views
  • Slow down or speed up the video

It was only in May 2022 when Google rolled out Shorts Ads. YouTube added shoppable options to Shorts to let Youtubers view product details and shop without leaving the app.


Brands and businesses can use the magic of Shorts to reach out to new audiences and scale channel engagement. YouTube Shorts can greatly level up the performance of long-form valuable content.

Be Consistent

No matter what content format you post on social media, especially YouTube, consistency is the key to hooking audiences and nurturing brand loyalty. Plan and upload Shorts content at a specific time and day when your viewers are mostly online. Posting every afternoon of the weekdays gives ample time for YouTube indexing, delivering them promptly among subscribers’ feeds.

Create Custom Shorts Thumbnails

A thumbnail is a small image that represents the video. It plays a vital role in whether the viewer will click the Shorts or not. Even though Shorts automatically play non-stop, they appear as regular videos on a YouTube channel. So, they also need attractive and customized thumbnails.

Determine Your Shorts Length

Shorts do not necessarily have to be 60 seconds. Brands and businesses should focus on delivering their message as concisely as possible within a short duration. They can automatically tailor the content in the most compact form from 5 to 60 seconds. That is the time needed to make a point on the clip.

Make Shorts Titles Count

Titles are another way to use YouTube Shorts to boost channel performance. Like the headline of an article, it is a way to catch the viewer’s attention. Titles should make the viewers aware of what to expect in the Shorts content. 

Use YouTube Stories

YouTube users with 10,000 subscribers or more are allowed to share YouTube Stories. They are a collection of short videos shown on top of a home page, subscription feeds, and Watch pages. Each story will disappear after seven days. Highlighting your best Shorts on YouTube Stories can double or triple the engagement rate.