Best eCommerce Practices When Building a Product Page

Every eCommerce website depends on a product page. A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong defines it as a specific website page that describes the features and specs of an offering or product. For a social media agency Hong Kong, a product page should not only provide information. It should also offer extra value, for a better buying experience. As a video marketing agency Hong Kong says, a convincing and motivating call-to-action (CTA) button can top the product page off.

The elements of a product page should describe how the product was made, how it works, and the best ways of using it. If possible, brands and businesses should suggest other relevant offerings to make the product more effective. Never skip a product page as it is a vital part of making a purchase. Below, we have listed the best eCommerce practices when building a product page.


Accessories are not usually items. But they can make a product more decorative, efficient, or functional. In general, they are secondary items that complete the main product. One of the best eCommerce practices for successful brands and businesses is cross-selling or upselling accessories. They have a longer shelf life. At the same time, they can dramatically increase sales.

Category Menu

The category menu is the primary way to group products and services. For example, they can be products for men, women, adults, and children. They can help customers easily find specific products they are looking for.

Checkout Button

The checkout button leads the customer to complete the purchase. As it plays an important role in the overall shopping experience, finding a relevant theme to highlight your checkout button is one of the best eCommerce practices.

Customer Reviews

A product page should always show recent customer reviews. They can give other users a clear idea of what they are buying. They can also build trust by highlighting that the product is tried and tested.

Customer Service Options

The best eCommerce practice when building a product page is to provide varied customer service options. They make it easier for customers to speed up the buying process by answering their queries in real time. Options may include calls, online messaging, text, etc.

Discount Deadline

eCommerce has proven that customers generally have that fear of missing out (FOMO). That is why one of the best eCommerce practices when building a product page is offering discounts and promotions for a limited time.

Product Details & Images

Of course, every product page should have a product detail section and a product image or images. Customers need to choose the color, size, make, model, etc., of an offering. Visuals can further enhance their imagination about what to expect.

Shipping Details

A product page should also provide varied shipping options. It can be free shipping, standard shipping with a fee, or urgent shipping with an extra charge. Sometimes, special products may also need special shipping options.