How to Get More Exposure and Sales Through Instagram Shopping

People are indeed social nowadays. On the beach, whether it’s brunch or business, most people take a snap and turn it into Instagrammable content. Such a photo-sharing app has been a favorite during holidays and vacations. Advertisers, brands, influencers, and marketers all include Instagram as part of their digital marketing strategy. It is because at this point, the target audiences and customers are on Instagram. Even a brand’s competitors are Instagrammers, too. Now, the question is, how can a brand get more exposure and sales through Instagram Shopping? 

Today, there are 1.704 billion Instagram users worldwide. This tremendous number of users is a clear indication of the platform’s power. Instagram is a social network that allows people to edit and share images and videos. Once, they are a hit among millennials and teens. But now, it continues to grow as one of the top social media platforms. In fact, Instagram generates 4x more interaction than Facebook. Instagram also has a strong impact on a buyer’s shopping journey. Around 80% of online shoppers decide whether to buy a product or service after seeing an Instagram post. Below are some tips on how a brand can get more exposure and sales through Instagram Shopping according to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong.

Curate Product-Tagged Content into Instagram Guides

Instagram guides are digital catalogs of a brand’s products and services. Such a feature allows curation of content into groups and listings. There are 3 types of Instagram guides for product-tagged content.

  • FAQ guides answer the users’ most commonly asked questions. This can help them make their buying actions easier and quicker.
  • Gift guides collate products and services about gift ideas for Christmas, Mother’s Day, New Year’s Day, Valentines, and other special occasions. A unique feature of this tool is being able to tap into the audiences of tagged products and services.
  • Topic Guides allow grouping complementary products based on categories or niches. It can influence a reader’s buying decision by knowing which products complement the main product they are looking for. Through topic guides, brands can also group products and services according to the user’s interests. Some examples of topic guides are “What to Wear on a Summer Wedding,” “What to Wear on a Winter Wedding,” etc.

Optimize Product Tagging

social media agency Hong Kong recommends getting more exposure and sales on Instagram Shopping by optimizing product tags. A well-defined strategy of creating valuable content can build connections and drive engagement. Instagrammers are time-poor, so, encourage them to take quick actions by adding product tags on valuable content. Tag featured products for people to find more information about them. If a brand is not using in-app checkout, link the product directly to an eCommerce website. The key is to highlight your products and services by overlaying them on an Instagram post, but don’t overdo it. Too many product tags can ruin your strategy. 

Prioritize Product-Tagged Video Content to Improve Discoverability

According to a video marketing agency Hong Kong, the benefits of video marketing on Instagram today are unparalleled. Short-form video clips like Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories are a great way to tell a brand’s message and offer products and services to viewers. Brands can use them to answer FAQs, create explainers and how-tos, show the benefits of products and services, and take them on a behind-the-scenes journey. By using relevant hashtags, they can increase the discoverability of your products and services. Instagram Stories have seen 58% of Instagrammers become more interested in a product or service. They are a great place to drive traffic on your Instagram Shops. IGTV is also one thing to reconsider for video marketing on Instagram. They are 4x more visible on Instagram’s Explore feed than feed posts and 2x more visibility than Reels. Another form of video marketing on Instagram is through live broadcasts. Instagram Live allows brands to stream through Instagram Stories. They are a great way to connect to the audiences in real-time.

Remind Instagrammers About Instagram Wishlist

Another way to get more exposure and sales through Instagram Shopping is by highlighting the “Wishlist” feature on the platform. An Instagram Wishlist allows users to save products and services into a shopping collection. As such, they can easily come back, find the post, and make a purchase. Every time they visit their Wishlist, they will be reminded about the product or service. As a pro tip, brands should always include a call to action (CTA) for users to save products and services on a Wishlist.

The Bottom Line

People don’t go to Instagram for shopping. Their initial motive is to find ideas and inspirations. Yet, if brands have provided them with valuable content and creatively tapped product tags to influence their buying decisions, Instagram Shopping will be a success. Therefore, the key to getting more exposure and sales through Instagram Shops is to let the consumers “See, Tap, and Shop.”