How to Make the Most of Facebook and Instagram Shops During the Holidays

The 2021 holiday season is here! Most social media platforms are finding ways to help brands and businesses boost discovery, engagement, and sales. A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong has noted that this year’s Christmas season will be festive, unlike last year, where the COVID-19 restrictions haunted the world.  

Today, eCommerce played a major role during the holiday rush. Facebook and Instagram Shops are great opportunities to ramp them up. Below, let’s heed some tips on how to make the most of Facebook and Instagram Shops during the holidays! The tips come from a video series shared by Facebook and collated by a video marketing agency Hong Kong.


Launched on 19 May 2020, Facebook Shops are digital storefronts of Facebook Pages for brands and businesses. It allows them to upload catalogs of products and services to showcase them to target audiences. 

Facebook and Instagram Shops can be integrated as one. They can also be linked into click-to Messenger, Instagram Direct, or WhatsApp ads. They also provide a unified process to sell products and services in Facebook Marketplace. 

According to a social media agency Hong Kong, the introduction of Facebook and Instagram Shops has revolutionized eCommerce. People can now shop directly while browsing Facebook or Instagram without leaving the app. Many social media platforms followed suit. 


Due to the COVID-9 pandemic, physical shopping transforms into digital buying. So far, Facebook and Instagram Shops have been the perfect options to replace them. They offer several benefits among brands and businesses such as:

  • Build an online presence. Catalogs on Shops can invite new audiences to a Facebook Page.
  • Capitalize conversion of your Page followers into customers. Showcasing shops on Facebook and Instagram Pages are highly likely to convert existing followers into loyal customers.
  • Extra window to expand eCommerce. Facebook and Instagram Shops make it easier and quicker for users to make a purchase. As such, it can boost eCommerce sales.
  • Maintain a brand’s global presence. Many regions can access Facebook and Instagram Shops allowing brands and businesses to market globally.
  • Reliable access point for online shoppers. Facebook and Instagram Shops guarantee secure payment gateways and shopping experiences.


Create Collections to Help People Easily Find the Products They Love

Collections allow brands and businesses to group products and offerings based on themes. During the holiday season, they can be best used to highlight seasonal offerings among Facebook and Instagram Shops. Create holiday collections to help shoppers find the perfect gift or wish list.

Get Your Catalogs Ready to Showcase Your Products

A catalog holds details about products and offerings that brands and businesses want to sell on Facebook and Instagram. High-quality visuals and complete descriptions can help customers easily discover items via search. Include at least 4 photos of each product in different angles to make sure that the product is accurately represented. Keep your inventory up-to-date to provide a better buying experience. 

Tag Your Products to Inspire Others to Buy Them

Tags can make Facebook and Instagram Shops more shoppable. It helps customers discover products based on categories or niches. The key is to tag different products at least three times per week to make them stay on top of the audiences’ minds. Try tagging across different formats. If you are launching a new product during the holidays, tag them ahead of the launches.


Christmas is a season of giving and shopping. Brands and businesses should find ways to take advantage of the holidays in boosting discovery, engagement, and sales via Facebook and Instagram Shops.