Holiday Tips and Trends for Facebook Marketplace

In February 2015, Facebook introduced a buy and sell group. It allows users to add items for sale together with the product description, price, and delivery or pickup options. Around 800 million use the said group today – Facebook Marketplace.

According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, Facebook Marketplace is a convenient way to buy, sell, and trade products within the platform. It allows sellers and traders to upload up to 10 images for a certain product. It also allows the following activities:

  • Access to all messages and transactions
  • Check for items to buy
  • Customize product listings
  • Filter searches per category or location
  • Set custom bids for products

To give you a guide, here are some holiday tips and trends for Facebook Marketplace, according to a social media agency Hong Kong.


To date, there are 2.89 Facebook monthly active users globally. It means that there are lots of potential benefits that Facebook Marketplace can offer.

Better Analysis

A major benefit of Facebook Marketplace is the ability to see insights about your content and posts. It gives brands and businesses a deeper understanding of how people engage with their products and services.

Broad Exposure

Facebook Marketplace content is shareable and viewable to all Facebook users. This means an extended reach to a large number of people globally.

Direct Connection

Facebook Marketplace allows buyers and sellers to connect directly within the platform. It means better ways to build stronger relationships between brands and customers.

Page Customization

Facebook Marketplace allows customizing the product page. It also enables up to 10 image uploads. As such, you can attract more users to check out your product and make a purchase.


Planning to sell on Facebook Marketplace this holiday season? Here are some tips and trends for Facebook Marketplace.

Boost Listings 

Facebook Marketplace offers tools to uplift the promotion of products and services. Leverage this tool to excel in holiday marketing. Just go to the Your Listing Section under a Facebook Marketplace account. Set a custom budget and duration for the list you want to boost, and click promote now to boost your listing.

Design Holiday Packing

Liven up the holiday spirit using Facebook Marketplace’s prepaid labels. Be sure to use the right boxes and sizes to avoid shipping returns and surcharges. In the Commerce Manager, you can buy and create a USPS shipping label. It will be printed and attached to your orders.

Enhance Customer Support

Facebook Marketplace emails sellers and traders under the following scenarios:

  • Customer Ask Questions
  • Disputed Claim or Chargeback Request
  • Make A Sale
  • Tracking Number for Shipping

Be sure to prepare auto-replies to quickly provide customer support. You can also reach out to your buyers via Messenger.

Get Ready for Holiday Shipping

For this holiday season, Facebook Marketplace offers to cover a $15 shipping fee for every item from 08 November to 31 December 2021. Brands and businesses just need to ensure that they will organize delivery scheduling via UPS and USPS. 

Plan Your Inventory

It is important to manage your inventory well during the holiday season. Expecting an influx of orders, you can plug key holiday dates to keep a full stock of products or services you offer. Do this through the “Manage Inventory” option of the “Manage Listing” tab on the Dealership Page. 

Strategize on Pricing

One secret to successfully selling your stuff on Facebook Marketplace is strategizing on pricing. Brands and businesses can make money. But a good rule of thumb is to list items at 50 percent or less than the original price. You may also search for similar items and pattern your price with them. 

Use Promotion Features to Attract Buyers

Facebook Marketplace offers promotion features to attract buyers. Brands and businesses should use them to boost their holiday sales. First, include relevant keywords or search tags for your items. Second, you can include a free delivery option for not-so-saleable items. Last, offering a refund and return guarantee can promote trust within your listings.